Tabor Robak



Francesca Gavin


A book examining the screen and its impact on society, the self and culture.

Designed and published by Pentagram, 2017
Hardcover, 226 pp
200 x 120 mm



“The result is some new strain of specific object, with its own beyond-radiant palette, seamlessly evolving forms and meanings, and a sense of process and acute attention that belie the view of digital art as slick and impersonal.”




Microsoft Culture Wall

Behind the Scenes w/ Artist Tabor Robak

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MDMA for the eye
— lloyd wise, Artforum

Pedro Gadanho et al.


Essays on the ongoing transition from the five-hundred-year old literary notion of utopia, toward the pervasive, everyday imposition of its mirror image: dystopia.

Designed and published by Mousse Publishing, 2017
Softcover, 264 pp
168 x 260 mm

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GAME ON: Tabor Robak's high-tech wizardry

"In a bedroom studio in Bushwick, a young man is making guns."


Carlos cardenas, Vincent Justin, Marie Maertens

Collecting Digital Video Art

A series of conversations led with industry experts: artists, independent curators, art critics, gallerists, museum curators and directors of video art archives.

Published by les presses du réel
Softcover, 208p. 
210 x 150 mm

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“I think his mother’s milk must have been delivered through some sort of software platform.”

-Joe Lin-Hill, Deputy Director of Albright-Knox
speaking to the new york times



Lloyd Wise

Tabor Robak

Artforum International
November 2015
pp. 288-291


Swiss Institute

SI: Visions | Tabor Robak on Video Games

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Yuko Hasegawa et al.

TOKYO: Sensing the Cultural Magma of the Metropolis

An exploration of the influence of Tokyo in pop culture as both a city and an idea.

Published by Seigensha Art Publishing
Softcover, 160p. 
258 x 182 mm

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Surrealism gone Silicon Valley
— The New Yorker


The American Artist Working on a Computer-Generated Frontier



Empire State: New York Art Now

Twenty-five artists that question existing conventions and explore the new possibilities manifested by their community’s new, near-industrial scale.

Published by Skira Rizzoli
Softcover, 205p. 
230 x 290 mm

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30 Under 30: Art & Style

Online and in print, January 15 - 2015



Raphael Gygax Et AL.

Toys Redux

An Anthology on Play as Critical Action

Published by les presses du réel, 2015
Hardcover, 264 pp
175 x 235 mm

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Billy Rennekamp

Dim Tricks

Stereoscopic sculptures by 19 artists.

Published by Atomic Activity Books
Hardcover, 60p. 
105 x 170 mm

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   “I Love Screens”

Tabor Robak interviewed by Cecilia Alemani


Swiss Institute

The St. Petersburg Paradox

In the “St. Petersburg gamble,” the house offers to flip a coin until it comes up heads. 

Published by Swiss Institute/Karma Books, New York 2016
Hardcover, 168 p. 
160 x 226 mm

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repellent but mesmerizing ... a talent to reckon with
— Roberta Smith, New York Times

Sima Familant

Studio Break-In: Tabor Robak

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Liliana Albertazzi ET AL.

Artists & Architecture

264 artists whose views could stimulate those of architects.

Designed by Change is Good, 2015
Hardcover, 183 pp
168 x 260 mm

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“Robak models his videos by hand, exploring the medium of CGI the way Michelangelo did marble.”

-Kyle Chayka, New York Magazine



Thomas Boutoux et al.

Meanwhile... Suddenly and Then
12th Lyon Biennale

Catalog of the 12th edition of the international exhibition, curated by Icelandic curator Gunnar B. Kvaran.

Published by les presses du réel
Hardcover, 111p. 
180 x 230 mm

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“Commercial and Then Some”

Art in America: Interview with Tabor Robak


Jeanne-Salomé Rochat et al.

Novembre N°10

Are you easier to use?

Published by K.D. Presse
Softcover, 500p. 
210 x 280 mm

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Francesco Tenaglia et al.

Mousse - Issue 41

On Purpose and Urgency. On Art and the Distributed Spectacle. On Cooperation. The Artist as Curator. The Value of Art Criticism.

Published by Mousse Magazine
Softcover , 212p. 
270 x 380 mm

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